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Mudra Meditation

About Us

The Hermitage was started by a group of like-minded individuals who found solace in meeting others with the same passion for Meditation. 

In 2012, we started as a passionate group of friends who met through ‘Singapore Free Meditation’, a MeetUp platform where long-term meditators from all walks of life came to share their personal practices for the benefit of all city-dwellers. We met weekly and experienced various meditation techniques. From mindfulness, breath work, sound, movement, mantra, visualisation and so forth, we’ve done it all!

In 2014, Hendrick Dhammakamo (affectionately known as ‘DK’) who was still a monk back then, initiated a new group titled ‘Singapore Mindfulness Meditation’. He felt the need to expand mindful lifestyle living and deepen everyone’s meditation practice.

DK eventually started organising regular guided meditation sessions and shared his wisdom with more people. As the practice deepened, we began to learn more about mindful contemplations and skilful means in integrating our meditative insights to our daily lives. The sessions were very interactive and relatable to modern needs, and always involved group sharing that supported our progress. We evolved and grew as a group, along with our positive and joyful emotions. 

Eventually, the need for a physical space became more apparent and serves as a sanctuary to help city dwellers escape from the busyness of life. So in 2017, DK set up The Hermitage. Our beautiful community came in with full support and a single intention - to bring Zen into the city. Ever since then, our community has grown and we have been honoured to have many teachers, educators, psychologists, therapists, coaches and healers joining us to design more innovative wellbeing programs. 

Change starts from within so come join us in leading society in a positive direction! We believe that by restoring faith and trust within ourselves, we can bring peace and harmony to society.

Our Story: About Us
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