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Cintamani Tantra

A comprehensive meditation program on mindfulness, emptiness, compassion, energy systems, guide invocation, mudras, mantras and manifestations.

Meditation practice requires a teacher who embodies the teachings without teaching from books. The guidance of a practicing teacher can help you deepen your meditation and spiritual journeys.

Years in the making and meticulously designed by a former monk, this 4-week program is designed to bridge ancient wisdom to the psychology of our time. Besides illuminating the true spiritual direction that is unique to you, you will also experience how harnessing your meditative and spiritual energy can create the right conditions to manifest abundance blessings in your life.

Graduates from this 4-week program will receive an invitation to join our weekly sessions.

This will be offered as an Online Course and we should expect it to be launched in Dec-2023. Sign up for our mailing list below so you will be notified once the presale promo is on.

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