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1-Day Silent Retreat

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1-Day Silent Retreat: Welcome

”Silence is the best foundation for looking deeply.” - Thich Nhat Hanh

A silent retreat is a wonderful doorway to experiencing the deep stillness and peace within that is available to us at any time.

Have you ever wondered how to make the best out of your me-time, especially during uncertain times like now?

This one-day silent retreat will be led by former monk Dhammakamo (DK), founder of The Hermitage Zen, and is open to both meditation newbies as well as advanced practitioners.

We are grateful to be able to offer this in-person retreat in the peaceful sanctuary of Buddhaguna Buddhist Temple, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

1-Day Silent Retreat: About

Bridging The Ancient & Modern

The nature of the retreat is rooted in Zen and Insight meditation (samatha-vipassana}, Emptiness and Loving-kindness. Through DK's teachings and guidance, you will experience the peace, bliss and transformative power of these ancient wisdom that are made relevant to the psychology of our time.

Each retreat is personalised, unique and organically crafted in the present moment based on the collective needs and energies of all participants. DK never uses scripts for his teachings and guided meditations. They are as raw and organic as they can be.

1-Day Silent Retreat: About

This is the reason some of us attend the retreat more than once because there is so much that awaits our discovery.

In the afternoon, there will be ‘me’ time for you to dive within yourself and practise on your own. You can make use of this precious time to meditate, journal or simple enjoy doing nothing. It is also a good time to try out the new practices you have learnt and let the insights anchor into your mind.

These precious moments have proven to be deeply insightful and nourishing for those who have previously attended our retreats.

There is even an opportunity to share your reflections and ask DK any questions during the sharing circle towards the end of the retreat.

1-Day Silent Retreat: About

Personalised Attention

We are excited to see the understanding, tools and techniques you will take home to grow your mindfulness and meditation practice.

As part of Noble Silence, all devices will be surrendered at the start of the retreat. They will be kept safe and returned to you at the end of the retreat. (No worries, an emergency contact number will be given to you to be shared with your loved ones.)

Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Wisdom teachings (Dharma talks) to deepen your understanding of meditation and mindfulness

  • Guided sitting meditations

  • Contemplative meditation

  • Formal walking meditation

  • Daily Mindfulness practices like eating, walking, total relaxation, etc

  • Specific practices to help make meditation easier

  • Group sharing opportunities to integrate your learning

  • Personal meditation time for to go within, reflect and gain insight

  • DK on-hand to be able to answer all your questions

  • A nourishing vegetarian lunch

  • Have coffee with the abbot (only if he happens to be around)

  • New friends that are conscious and zen whom you have yet to meet!

1-Day Silent Retreat: About


"Amazing experience! To be silent and listen to the inner voice - so true to our human nature and yet so often bypassed in the reality we live in. I was blessed to sit in silence and listen without the pressure its going to end soon. Highly recommended to all who just need space and time to be! Thank you DK!" - Veneta

"During the body scan, I got into the yoga nidra state. I was able to feel what you were going to say next. Though I was awake, it was also very dreamy at the same time." - Kelvin

This retreat is open to everyone regardless of spiritual background, age and gender identity. We look forward to having you with us.

1-Day Silent Retreat: Feature
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