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Mindfulness Retreats

The best travel destination is within yourself; awaiting discovery.

Experience a tranquil mind, awaken to your true nature and open your heart to discover the true relationship between you and the world. All here within Singapore in a rare temple retreat!

Join us for a digital detox, wisdom teachings (also known as Dharma talks), group meditation and me-time for relaxing in the tranquil setting of the temple.

We will be practising Zen and Insight Meditation (samatha-vipassana), an ancient practice stemming from the Buddha over 2,600 years, which has been proven to be very powerful in transforming the mind and ending mental suffering.

Outside of the meditation mat, we will also learn how to live mindfully by incorporating zen into every moment of life. Thus transforming our preconceived mundane experience of life into a deep enjoyment of living fully in the present moment.

Check our Events Page for the latest retreat.

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