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Founder / Meditation Teacher & Spiritual Mentor

Hendrick Dhammakamo is a meditation teacher, mindfulness coach, transition mentor, writer and former buddhist monk. Known affectionately as ‘DK’, he has been teaching meditation and building mindfulness communities since 2012. His clients include professionals from both private and government sectors, business owners, caregivers, school students, educators, coaches, homemakers and retirees. As an author, he has published two books ‘Garden of Mangala’ and ‘Daydreams of a Millennial Monk’.

From sleaze to zen as he calls it, DK’s search for happiness and meaning began in 2011 when he felt empty in the materialistic world. That led to him uncovering meditation in Thailand and travelling extensively to learn from various teachers and traditions to master the pragmatic application of ancient wisdom. He spent most of his time living and practicing intensive meditation in the forest monasteries of Thailand, and Engaged Mindfulness and Applied Psychology in Plum Village France, the mindfulness practice centre of world-renowned Zen master and author Thich Nhat Hanh. DK also attended intensive meditation retreats in Thailand, India, Malaysia and Australia.

DK’s many moments of awakening brought him closer to society and he felt compelled to share his insights and pave a way for society. Drawing from his own experience and training, DK is known to transform intellectual knowledge into experiential wisdom for his audience by translating his insights into a simple and integrated way that brings meaning and ‘zenness’ into everyday life. His light-hearted style has been well-received internationally.

Having experienced profound transformations through his journey, DK felt compelled to walk alongside society so that he can guide more people in developing mindful lifestyle

choices. In 2017, after training as a monk for five years, he disrobed and returned to

Singapore. He founded The Hermitage, an urban sanctuary where he conducts meditation classes, Mind Mastery Training and gives public talks to people from all works of life. 

Besides practising intensive meditation and scriptural studies, DK went on to pursue the mystical and sacred arts, along with various psychic modalities, which he calls 'extra-curricular activities of the spiritual path'. Being a non-paper certified healer, he often jokes that having lived and practised in the forests and mountains, he had no use of paper since he lived amongst the original source. When asked for his certifications, he would suggest a trip to those forests and mountains, and process the tree barks into paper.

His mastery in Cosmic Consciousness Healing has been proven to be highly effective in balancing and aligning chakra energies to clear negative blockages in the emotional, physical, mental and astral aspects. Coupled with his innate specialty in channelling an Ancient Rishi to perform Tantric and Mudra Blessings, it has helped many to gain understanding of their soul worth and purpose, and also entrust them with the power to transform dysfunctional elements in their life.


Alwin Fong

Mindfulness Facilitator / Teacher-in-training

Alwin grew up in a family with a strong affinity to Avalokiteshvara. His journey began when he was 15, after the passing of his maternal grandmother lead him to search for meaning in Buddhist Scriptures. This path lead him to healing modalities and subsequently to Zen, which he now views as Life's way of bringing him back to what is important. Zen philosophical writings shaped his way of thinking and laid the foundation for his subsequent practices. 

Sparks of wisdom led him along and he found teachers in both Eastern and Western Philosophy. He started sharing these texts with friends and soon realised his passion in sharing knowledge with loved ones. After a decade of walking the path without a guide, he realised that it was time to deepen his practice with a community and look for teachers  grounded in pragmatic approaches. He started the search for compassion-based practices, and was quickly recommended the The Hermitage Zen by a virtuous friend. 

Through his teacher's (Dhammakamo) teachings, Alwin experienced profound transformations to his practice and is now even more motivated to share what he received with those around him and beyond. The practice has also led him out from the concrete jungle and into a farm. The change allowed him to reconnect with Nature and contribute to its well-being through sustainable biotechnology.

Alwin presently teaches Mindfulness and Loving-Kindness based practices, and serves as The Hermitage Community's esoteric specialist.


Mimi L.

Meditation Facilitator

Mimi has trained under various masters and holds a record of more than a decade of daily meditation practice.

Having experienced deep transformations, she has a passion to share the benefits of spirituality and meditation to help others live with meaning and purpose. Being in a senior corporate position, many people look to Mimi for inspiration on how to remain peaceful, happy and balanced in the finance world.

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