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Spiritual Empowerment

- Reduce worldly and karmic obstacles, facilitate mind-to-mind primordial wisdom transmission, & infuse energy for esoteric purposes throughout the session

- Experience ancient esoteric rituals that will be explained to you in today's language

- Book a slot to have a unique and relaxing experience in Singapore for a peaceful experience!

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Dhammakamo (DK), a spiritual mentor of long-term meditators & a teacher to esoteric practitioners, has been instrumental in helping speed up their mental progress with his clarity of wisdom & compassion.

Due to his strong foundation in moral ethics & integrity, DK was bestowed with much spiritual & esoteric wisdom, which he attained through his intensive practise & transmission from his gurus. Today, he is one of the rare few with the ability to perform spiritual empowerment & guide others regardless of their spiritual background.

The master will be in meditative mode throughout. Upon entering the relic hall, a consecrated balm & pure gold leaf will be applied to your palms & forehead. After that, you will sit in a circle & a holy cord will be passed around to represent the unbroken transmission & lineage of enlightened masters.

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The session will begin with an introduction, contemplative instructions & a blessing in Pali. The chants in Pali include an invocation of the devas to grace the ceremony with their blessings & protection. Next, you will be given a lotus flower to hold while the master walks over to perform spiritual empowerment on you by placing the pagoda (stupa) over your crown. The pagoda contains sacred relics of the Buddha's enlightened disciples. After that, a mass energy infusion will be performed.

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To manifest his consciousness in the quantum realm, the master cannot speak or tell you what kind of beneficial energy & balance he will perform on you at this point. The reason is that it can only be performed while dwelling deeply in shunyata-samadhi (concentration on the sphere of emptiness), in short, Oneness.

The master's physical body will be chanting in purely Sanskrit & Deva Language (Angelic Language of the Universe), while his astral body will split & emanate out to infuse every participant with energies according to their needs. As this will be done through the transcendence of ego & perceptions, the powers channelled will resonate fully with your energetic capacity.

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After that, a sacred yantra will be inscribed on your third eye & palms. To complete the session, holy water will be sprinkled on you.

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'Hi DK, it’s always a blessing to sit in a circle with you. The whole session from the empowerment to the Puja was a mandala of vibrational blessings. There was a constant vibration of deep purple and blue with shades of green throughout the empowerment sessions. There are also assumed intermittent geometrical shapes as you were empowering one of the participants.'

-Orgyen Rigdzin

'I had a great sense of calm. Master DK was able to intuit what I needed for spiritual progress when he empowered me. I felt a deep sense of connection with the Master and all present during the ceremony.'


'The empowerment was very powerful. I felt this pressure coming down from the heavens and going into my spine and flushing into and out of my root Chakra. Then I felt very peaceful and also compassionate to the people around me. Like at that moment I was very happy to be there in the moment and surrounded with the people I love.'


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