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Sat, Mar 06


Conducted In-Person & Online

4-Week Cintamani Tantra Meditation Program

Years in the making and meticulously designed by a former monk, this 4-week program is designed to bridge ancient wisdom to the psychology of our time.

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4-Week Cintamani Tantra Meditation Program
4-Week Cintamani Tantra Meditation Program

Time & Location

Mar 06, 2021, 10:30 AM GMT+8 – Mar 27, 2021, 1:00 PM GMT+8

Conducted In-Person & Online, 27 Jln Senyum

About the event

Meditation practice requires a teacher who embodies the teachings without teaching from books. The guidance of a practicing teacher can help you deepen your meditation and spiritual journeys. 🌈

🌟Years in the making and meticulously designed by a former monk, this 4-week program is designed to bridge ancient wisdom to the psychology of our time. Besides illuminating the true spiritual direction that is unique to you, you will also experience how harnessing your meditative and spiritual energy can create the right conditions to manifest abundance, love, luck and clarity in your life!🌟


Date: Every Saturday - 

6 March

13 March

20 March

27 March

Time: 10.30am - 1pm (GMT+8)


27 Jln Senyum, Singapore 418151


The classes will also be conducted simultaneously over Zoom. The meeting details will be shared with you when we are closer to the date of program commencement (Sessions will be recorded and made available to all participants for 72 hours after each class)

🔥We are only taking in a limited number of participants for this intake so that you can benefit from more engagement and attention from the teacher. Physical spots will be on a first-come-first-serve basis

Registration ends: 28th February 2021

For enquiries, kindly send us an email:

Make sure to add to your list as we will be contacting you via email and sending you pre-course materials. Also, check your junk/spam folder if you do not hear from us.

Tickets sold are non-refundable



Very often, we pray and wish for things out of desire, aversion and fear. We chase after projects without having a true sense of our place in the world. Without clarity, our 'communication lines' with the divine (or our inner core) are distorted. Praying and meditating with the dualistic mind prevents us from receiving the greatest blessings and manifestations that the universe has in store for us.🌼

You may have heard that there are various types of meditation and modalities. But do you know that the Cintamani Tantra is one of the gentlest ways to meditate, meet yourself, discern deep wisdom and empower yourself?



Orthodox tantric practice focuses on developing your goodwill, kindness and warmth not just towards others but it also helps you to harness your self-compassion. 💓

Tantra helps you in understanding yourself and what stands in the way of true happiness and worth by transmuting attachment and anger into daily enlightenment. It is only when you learn to love, be gentle and sincere towards yourself, can you cultivate the right attitude toward others too.


Developing the mind which is capable of enveloping the entire universe with boundless love will not only heal yourself, but also shatter the boundaries of Self and Other, Higher and Lower Self, culminating in an immersion into Oneness; the fundamental suchness of all phenomenon.


From this Suchness, universal light will flow through your entire being and reveal the subtle causality of your inner energies that are affecting your life, thus transforming them and empowering your chakras and aura.


It is from this clear wisdom and the eradication of personal craving born out of resistance, fear and ignorance, where your blessings and deepest desires (aligned with your values) will manifest. The sacred flower of the practice is the spiritual wish-fulfilling jewel Cintamani - born from the depths of pure consciousness. The explanation is simple - your Consciousness is the Universe.



🌸Consciousness and Universe. Same source, double manifestation🌸

With the right understanding of meditation, you open yourself up to both the positive and negative things within you - the physical, emotional, mental habits and your own life story. Then you develop a friendly relationship towards them.


Accepting yourself as a whole is the first step of healing and transformation - this is Oneness. Then you extend this insight to your loved ones. You accept them for who they are, and water their flowers while taking care of their garbage. You don’t do this as an obligation, but with love and understanding. This invokes a deep sense of natural responsibility.


As you progress in your meditation, you expand your mindfulness and wisdom wider into the world. Because you see no separation between the world and yourself, you can let go of judgement and instead, think and act with compassion. Discerning that the universe is no-different than your mind consciousness, you will begin to notice that the energy of every thought, every action, begins and ends its echo in your own mind.

Oneness shouldn’t be just a cloud in the sky that you can’t use. True wisdom is something that is applicable and beneficial. Otherwise it is nothing but a philosophical idea, just another knowledge, another notion.

Quoting Alan Watts “Existence is relationship and you are smacked right in the middle of it”.

You can start creating a positive change in your own life with one mindful breath, one mindful step and one mindful smile. Each breath a step, you will restores peace and radiate joy in your world.



You will also learn how to draw yourself deeper inwards during your meditation with the help of mudras and channeled guides!

Mudras are the use of hand gestures during meditation that carry specific goals of channelling your body’s energy flow. Your hands hold energetic points and thus the use of mudras is a great way to empower and ground yourself, and connect with the Ultimate Dimension to expedite healing, blessings and mental clarity.



Mantras are sounds that activate different energy centres in our bodies that reverberate throughout the universal consciousness of the mind when chanted with intent and wisdom.


The combination of Cosmic Consciousness, Ancient Wisdom, Mudra, Cintamani and Sound will awaken one to the sublime non-dual consciousness that can overcome obstacles and manifest blessings in your life.



This workshop is good for you if you are:

-Looking to unlock your true spiritual potential and learn how to develop them further

-Having emotional and energy blockages that are affecting some areas of your life

-Seeking spiritual direction to live a more fulfilling life

-Faced with obstacles or dilemmas in your life path and need some heartfelt inner guidance

-Trapped in repetitive emotional and thought patterns

-Finding difficulty reconciling between the Spiritual and Material

-Looking to transcend the extremes of personal craving vs poverty consciousness

-Looking to deepen your meditation

-Motivated to become a Peace Holder

-Inspired to become a healer

-Looking for an ethical spiritual community

Graduates from this 4-week program will be invited to our ongoing weekly Spiritual Circle where we progress in our meditation and spiritual journeys.



Dhammakamo (DK) is a meditation teacher, mindfulness coach, spiritual mentor, corporate well-being consultant, healer, writer and former buddhist monk for half a decade. DK has travelled extensively to learn from various teachers and traditions to master the pragmatic application of ancient wisdom, having spent most of his time practising in the Thai Forest Tradition and Plum Village Zen Monastery in France. He has also attended retreats in Dharamsala to study with Tibetan masters.

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